When we plan about the design of our kitchen, we always pay very little attention to its functionality. We somehow do not think much about the small feature of kitchen like cupboard doors, cabinet handles & others. Yet, it is crucial to understand that these minutiae have a deep effect on the magnificence & usability of the kitchen. Whether you have a freestanding or built-in structure, all you want for a completely functional kitchen is every kitchen appliances to be at your finger step so that you can conveniently access the required equipment in few seconds. Thus it is very important to have such strikingly versatile and modern handles in kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, drawers to soften the process of operating it.

At present kitchen handles come in many materials alike steel, aluminum, brass that is being used to develop the complete look of products but among all aluminum G profile is the frequently used & tougher one in comparison to other materials. The shape of this profile handle is same as its named letter G, and is available in various sizes starts from 35mm in length for kitchen cabinets. It comes in many different colors including silver, bronze, rose gold, black etc. and is primarily used in kitchen cabinets, wardrobes with flat wooden board like melamine board, UV board, to make more impressive appearance. Here we will take a look at some of the available types of Aluminum G profile handles for modular kitchen, cabinets etc.

Types of Aluminum G profile handles


It’s a complete handle-less profile that does not have a built-in handle to pull the kitchen cabinet while there is a handrail behind the drawer that lets your fingers to hold and open the drawer smoothly. It’s one of a unique kind of handless profile that not only provides the seamless functionality of operation but even can consider a safest profile that prohibits stuff getting caught in the cabinet.

Due to its ultimate smoothest ease of usage, G-profile handles has become a part of trendiest kitchen hardware fittings. Most of the people now days prefer to choose such knobs especially when they have a modular kitchen unit. It is mostly used in kitchen cupboards and wardrobes with sliding feature. It is also recognized as the Continuous Handle, made up of two profiles: C-shape (placed between two drawers) in vertical position and J-shape placed horizontal way on the top of cabinet. With handle less profile your kitchen will keep its clean, timeless elegance as the color, shape and edge of a handle is generally a dead initial to a kitchen’s age.

Advantages of choosing G profile handles for kitchen Cabinets, Wardrobes


In today’s world, kitchen cabinets & cupboards has become a matter of compulsion rather than selection. So by choosing G profile handles for your kitchen, you will invest in creating charm and comfort in your kitchen. Here you can learn in detail about the entire benefits of using G Profile handles in your kitchen cabinets. 

Give Timeless & Stylish look

A handless model of cupboard doorways appears extra elegant and stylish than a kitchen with cupboard door handles and drawer handles. We can even predict the oldness of kitchen via seeing the running condition, modified form or coloration of handles. This G profile handless design stays identical for a lengthy time and continues its timeless magnificence for ages.

Less scope of Dust and Dirt

Handles have a tendency to accumulate dirt in contrast to handle less design. Even though the style of handle plays an major role in collecting dirt particles, Due to the less surface area to collect grime, horizontal oriented handle attract more amount of dust than the vertical handles. But handless profile has very less space for dirt and easily cleaned by smooth brushing.

Available in varied Design & Styles

If you are thinking about the accessibility of variant of colors, styles in handless cabinet doors, then you must know, Handless profile comes with extensive opportunities to apt with each & every decor theme. Like handled profiles, they too found in many color schemes and styles like matt, textured finishes, to glossy dark tones.

Adjustable with Ancient & modern appliances

With its simplistic design and user-friendliness, this handless module can adjusted with both older and modern kitchen appliances. If you have some contemporary appliances in your kitchen, it will go indeed well with these modern G profile handles. They can even equivalently work with small and spacious kitchens since the absence of handle make the kitchen look roomier comparing with the handled design.

A Safer choice

This handless fashion profile is additionally a safer alternative particularly for the households who have small children and kids into their home. Mostly infants observe their mom when she’s working into the kitchen and they could have been damage their selves by way of keeping or striking on handles of cabinets. By deciding on handless profile for cupboards mother and father can keep their young children from the pointless injury.

Now as you aware about all the benefits of having G Profile handles in kitchen cabinets, cupboards, wardrobes, visit our website and shop online for your desired handles or you can simply click this link and fill out the form, our experts will get in touch with you within 24hrs.

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