Tower bolts are rod-like bolts used to fasten a door shut. They are attached to the edge of a door and slid into the cylindrical cast in the door frame to fasten the door. Tower bolts come in various designs and materials that can furnish your home and secure your wardrobes and cabinets. These latches can also be found in many price ranges.

Automatic Tower Bolt is used for doors, cabinets, boxes, wardrobes, and cupboards. Automatic Tower Bolts close automatically and are usually found in brass. They are convenient for anyone looking to have doors or wardrobes locked by themselves immediately after use. Automatic chitkani comes in many designs that perfectly fit your wardrobe’s interior design.

Tower bolts can be found in many types depending on what it is made of. This can be mainly categorized into two; Ferrous or Non-Ferrous metals.

  • Ferrous metals are metals that contain iron. They’re known for their usage in architecture because of their tensile strength and duration. However, they are prone to rusting except for stainless steel and wrought iron.
  • Non-Ferrous metals don’t include or have a negligible amount of iron. They are malleable and conductive. They are also frequently used in electrical applications, industrial piping, gutters, etc.

Tower bolts that are made of ferrous metals have the following types. All of these refer to the design and material they come in;

  • Barrel Tower bolts
  • Semi-Barrel Tower bolts
  • Riveted or Spot-Welded Tower Bolt
  • Skeleton Tower Bolt

Tower bolts that are made of non-ferrous metals have the following types-

  • Barrel Tower Bolts
    • Brass barrel tower bolts
    • Aluminum barrel tower bolts
    • Zinc barrel tower bolts
  • Skeleton Tower Bolts
    • Brass skeleton tower bolts
    • Aluminum skeleton tower bolts
    • Zinc skeleton tower bolts

When looking at the designs of tower bolts, they can come in the following types:

  • Flush bolt
  • Neck tower bolt
  • Tower Bolt Round 10mm (1 Pcs. Road)
  • Tower Bolt Round 10 mm (2 Pcs. Road)
  • Tower bolt VX +Round + HEX ½ 12 mm (2 Pcs. Road)
  • Tower Bolt VX + Round + HEX 12 12mm (1 Pcs. Road)
  • Tower Bolt VX + Round 3/8 (1 Pcs. Road)
  • Tower Bolt VX + Round 3/8 9mm (2 Pcs. Road)

All of the above ones vary in size and thickness and can be used in specific doors, according to the customer’s preference.

Besides the above varieties, many fancy tower bolt types come in different shapes. Fancy tower bolts are higher in price and have varying sizes and look to it. It’s a fancy option to upgrade your wardrobe by using any one of these;

  • Crown Type
  • Flower Type (Heavy and Light)
  • Half-Round Type (Heavy and Light)
  • Mango Type
  • Oval Type
  • Rajwadi Type
  • Rectangle
  • Round Fancy Type
  • Royal Type
  • Square Type
  • Triangle Type
  • Ruby Type (Heavy and Light)
  • Zen Type (Heavy, Jumbo, and Light)

Automatic Chitkani can also be found in various designs and fancy types. But why use automatic Chitkani?

Automatic Chitkani are easy to lock. You only have to push the door for the bolt to lock themselves. It is an easy way to make sure your wardrobes are locked properly, no matter how much of a rush you’re in. It will automatically lock and unlock the door from the inside. Automatic Chitkani also comes in the above types and materials. You can pick the design you think will suit your wardrobe well. As all designs come with pros, the design your wardrobe is in and the materials you prefer, whether brass or stainless steel, iron or zinc, are what matters when buying new automatic tower bolts. You can find all the tower bolts you prefer online.


Where to Buy?

You can buy automatic Chitkani online or from nearby hardware stores.

You can find automatic tower bolt prices online in varying ranges that fit your budget. There are online sites that offer discounted deals. You can also buy them from nearby shops where you’ll get to see and feel the material’s design and thickness. Automatic tower bolt price comes in varying ranges, depending on your chosen designs and whether you prefer the material to be brass or zinc. Fancy tower bolts may cost higher; you can also find them at lower prices online or at a discount. Usually, many automatic tower bolts are made of brass.

When buying online, make sure you’re noting the size and thickness and that it fits the design of your wardrobe. The online sites will also specify instructions on installing the tower bolts. Finally, make sure to read the reviews of the automatic tower bolt you’re ordering online and that you’ve chosen the correct design you prefer.


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