Cabinet hinges are tiny metallic supports that helps in holding the door of cabinets together. Choosing the right cabinet hinge is important as it will make your cabinets easy to open and close. Buying the wrong cabinet hinges can lead to issues from defective cabinets, ugly looking cabinet finish to non-functioning cabinets. Learn about cabinet hinges. What to look for when buying kitchen cabinet hinges. Following are the types and features that benefit your home.

Types of Cabinet Hinges:

Many cabinet door hinge types are available to choose from, varying from whether it should be visible from the outside to decorative or ornamental cabinet hinges. The following can be used as kitchen cabinet hinge types

Wrap Around Hinges

Wrap Around hinges - perfect plywood hardware

Wrap-around hinges have one face at the back of the door and the other at the front of the door wrapped into the inside of the door or cabinet’s frame. Any cabinets that are heavy use wrap-around hinges. One can effortlessly see these wrap-around hinges from the outside. So choosing one, you should be able to match the color with the cabinet’s design.

Butt Hinges


A very commonly used hinge. It has two faces that are spread to its sides. One face is attached to the cabinet, while the other side is attached to the cabinet door to ensure an easy moment.

Inset Hinges


An inset hinge has two sides; one thin and narrow, the other wide. The narrow side is attached to the door’s frame. The wider section is attached to the door’s inside. The narrow side can be visible when looked at from a distance.

Full Overlay Hinges

Full Overlay-hinges-perfect-plywood-hardware

A Full overlay is used to cover the full face of the cabinet fully. These designs are available in many designs. They usually have each side go into the frame and the inside the frameless cabinet.

Pivot Hinges


Pivot hinges are used in lower cabinets. They are to be fixed at the top and bottom of the cabinet for the door to move freely from side to side.

Flush/ Full Inset Hinges

Flush/ Full inset hinges- perfect plywood-hardware

Flush hinges are much like butt hinges. It can be attached to the insides of the door and frame. They use less space, so cabinets that have heavy storage can use these hinges.

Surface Mount Hinges

Surface Mount-hinges-perfect-plywood-hardware

Surface mounts are also known as frameless hinges. They are the easiest to use since they do not need holes to be attached. They can be mounted into the door frame and inside the door. They come in two pieces that you must align correctly by the door frame and door.

Barrel Hinges


Barrel hinges are used when the cabinets want a clean exterior look. Such hinges do not appear outside and help in the easy movement of doors. Barrel hinges give a hinge-free look to the cabinets.

Features of Cabinet Hinges:

Heavy-duty Hinges

Any cabinets that use heavy material are made out of heavy-duty fuse hinges to carry and support the weight of the doors. Barrel and pivot hinges are commonly used as heavy-duty hinges.

Self-close Hinges

As the name suggests, self-close hinges close by themselves. They do so by using their weight to close in on themselves. Such hinges are commonly used in kitchens, bathrooms, and home theatre systems. Cabinet hinges hydraulic are used to self-close.

Hidden Hinges

Hidden hinges are not visible in the exterior part of the cabinet. Hence, hinges with such features provide a clean look to the cabinets.

Soft-close Hinges

Soft-close cabinet hinges also close in on themselves, but slowly. The hinges use hydraulic design to close the doors by creating a vacuum in the space between them. This will allow the cabinet door to close slowly and softly.

Demountable Hinges

Demountable hinges are easy to attach and remove. Such hinges are better for kitchen cabinets as they can be easily removed to clean any nooks and corners of the cabinets. They are available in single and double-demountable hinges.

Decorative Hinges

Many hinges can be seen from the outside so make sure the hinges you choose match the color and design of the cabinet you’ve made. Decorative hinges are available in many designs, so giving a pleasant look to your cabinet is easy.


Benefits of Cabinet Hinges:

  • With so many types, cabinet hinges can be modified according to your taste. Whether you want a concealed look in your cabinet or a floating look, hidden hinges are available in various finishes.
  • Self-close hinges are specifically made to ensure that cabinet doors shut themselves properly. Using such hinges for cabinets that are fixed to the wall secures a safe environment where you don’t hit your head in case it is left open.
  • Soft-close hinges have the same benefit in that they provide a soundless and slow closing of the cabinet, thereby ensuring the door doesn’t hit anyone or will not make any loud closing noises.
  • Heavy-duty hinges are beneficial because they support the heavy weight of the door and cabinet, and the cabinet will last long in the future.
  • Since cabinet hinges come in various designs, you can easily decorate your modular kitchen and your new home.

Various Finishes for Cabinet Hinges:

To make the cabinets look pleasing to the eyes, it is important to find and use the fitting hinges. It is also important to find the perfect finish for various hinges that will make it look clean and polished. Finishes that are available for cabinet hinges are;

  1. Black
  2. Brass
  3. Chrome
  4. Copper
  5. Nickel
  6. Stainless steel
  7. Steel
  8. White

All of the above finishes can be used to create stylish cabinet looks. They are also compatible with the various hinges available.

Here’s Where to Buy?

You can buy cabinet hinges in India online. There are various websites where you can find cabinet hinges online with the best prices and designs described above. These websites offer all the types and designs of cabinet hinges that fit the kitchen cabinet hinges, which can be used in a modular kitchen.


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