Abro Masking Tape Bundle

A Masking Tape that every Painter and Customer need

Masking tapes are a stiff crepe paper tape used to cover areas that you want to protect during
painting work, carpenter finishing processes & other industrial use. Abro masking tape is a cost-effective masking resolution that sticks instantly to most surfaces, including metal, rubber, glass and plastic, and removes easily in one part. It is an ideal choice in case of cropping, bundling, industrial applications, attachment, marking and protection in different ways.

Abro Masking Tape Bundle

Abro Masking Tape is manufactured specifically to offers a secure grip, clean elimination and excellent power to help protecting nearby surfaces from sprinkling paints. Abro masking tape is also known as Painter’s Tape that designed to provide exceptional adhesion at both room temperature and also when exposed to complex heat in outside. It is available in a range of widths and lengths and can also use for temporary labelling and marking. This tape has a strong grip that not let a single drop of paint to circulate on the surface; furthermore you can easily remove it without leaving a mark on surface. Where other local brands fail to provide desired result there itself Abro masking tape offers extreme holding power. So in order to protect your precious domiciliary objects, vehicle, automotive items, Abro tape is the right masking tape to choose.

Features and Benefits


  • Suitable for easy masking around corners, over outlines and unbalanced surfaces.
  • Enough resistant to thinners and humidity
  • Withstands adequate temperatures
  • Increase visibility during the paint masking process that helps create virtuous paint outlines
  • Coated with a synthetic rubber adhesive and removes easily with no residue or stickiness
  • Ideally used for painting, sealing masking for domestic and industrial applications
  • Available in a variety of widths & length


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