Hettich soft close hinges 0 crank


Hettich is an Indian based manufacturing company that manufactures premium hinges. There are hinges like this which can be used in many places, such as almirah, doors, cupboards, wooden boxes, wooden doors, wardrobe, kitchen shutter etc.


Hettich soft close hinges 0 crank features

Such hinges are used for doors. If we talk about their structure, then it has been made with a very intelligent design, which can be used easily and there is no loss of any kind while using it, like normal hinges.

It is easy to mount anywhere, it has been divided into only two parts, by screwing it with just the perfect mark, it gets fixed anywhere. After fixing it can be adjusted in any way.

Hettich soft close hinges 0 crank material

Hettich soft close hinges are made of the best quality steel material. Which is waterproof, rustproof. A soft layer has been made on it, due to which it is not affected by any kind of weather. And its shining also remains intact for a long time.

Hettich soft close hinges 0 crank price

If we talk about the price, then there are many varieties available in it, whose range is in the ranges of 400 ₹ – 500 ₹. If we see its quality and technology, then it can be called a smart hinges.

Pros of Hettich soft-close hinges 0 crank

1) value for money

2) quality material

3) easy to assemble

4) suitable for many furniture

5) antirust property


Hettich soft-close hinges 0 cranks price is the best and reasonable hinge that can make your home more attractive. This tool that suits your furniture as well as having a proper mechanism can be of great use to you. Say bye-bye to your old hinges and use Hettich soft-close hinges 0 cranks.


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