Hettich telescopic channel 18 inch


Hettich is an India based manufacturing company specializing in the production of high end telescopic hinges and channels.

Hettich 18 inch ball bearing telescopic channel is mainly for office applications. In Europe, Hettich is the market leader in high-quality office furniture materials. Their customer base includes major world manufacturers such as Steelcase, Haworth and Samas.

All slides meet the strict requirements of BIFMA and can be used in wooden and steel furniture. Another example of Hettich’s commitment to continued growth is the introduction of the Stop Control Plus in ball bearing.


Hettich telescopic channel 18 inch features

These sliding drawers use Hettich telescopic channel 18 inch a durable ball-bearing mechanism and provide smooth, quiet opening and closing. The self-cleaning ball holder eliminates foreign particles between the bearings and also helps protect the track. The inherent lubricant is usually sufficient for the entire life of the slide. The front disconnect in the drawer sliders makes it easy to disconnect the pull rod from the main slide assembly by pressing a lever. Hold function securely holds these sliders in place while keeping the drawer closed

It incorporates central locking , anti-tilt function and automatic door closing, Stop Control Plus is the leading locking system on the European office furniture market . Optimum locking system with automatic closing, central locking and anti-head locking.

Hettich telescopic channel 18 inch uses

1) for wooden posts or wooden side posts

2) for metal or metal posts

3) for cupboard rack slider

Hettich telescopic channel 18 inch stop-control plus system

Advantages of the STOP-CONTROL PLUS System:

• The automatic closing function ensures that the drawer fronts are

always closed.

• An additional “PLUS” function prevents simultaneous opening of two or more drawers.

• Lock bars are not specific to drawer configurations.

• All functions integrated into one system.

Hettich telescopic channel 18 inch price

If we talk about the hettich telescopic channel 18 inch price then there are many varieties available in it, whose range is in the ranges of 800 ₹ – 850 ₹. If we see its quality and and stop control plus technology then it can be called a smart channels.

Pros of Hettich telescopic channel 18 inch

1) light weight

2) slide free

3) quality material

4) steel coating

5) multipurposable

6) value for money


Compared to Hettich telescopic channel 18 inch price, this is a best channel which can be installed on many furnitures. It is mostly used in cupboards. It also has the stystem of auto lock, due to which once it is pushed even a little, it locks automatically.

If you want to make furniture for yourself, then put Hettich telescopic channel 18 inch only in it.


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