Magnetic Catcher

A magnetic catcher is made of plastic or steel plate at the outer side while inner side has a magnetic system. The outer side is screwed to the other unit of door whereas the magnet attaches to the door frame. So, when the door is about to close, the magnet and steel come in contact and hold the steel frame close together. If you want to separate the joined objects, you can easily pull them away from each other by breaking the magnetic force. Magnetic catchers are used in multiple applications including furniture doors, pantry doors, cupboards, cabinets, and more. It run for a long-time and take many years or even decades for a magnet to lose its magnetism.

Magnetic Door Catcher

Made of high-quality material, our magnetic catchers are extra strong that holds the heavy door or gate securely closed and also can be utilized as a small tool container within strong magnetic force. It can also install on your worktable to hold small metal tool like screwdriver, wrench, etc. These superb magnetic catchers will not let your child and pet to open the door so that basically add an extra safety to your home. Upgrade the comfort level of your home or office with our wide-ranging series of magnetic catchers of different brands

Key Features

  • Weather friendly
  • Rust Proof
  • Strong magnetic force
  • Extra Durable & long-lasting
  • Multicolour options available



  • Available in light colour finishes that can blend with any furniture door
  • Give a true fit to any door or frame
  • Close doors securely and silently
  • Easy to install & convenient to use
  • Ideal for home, office, classroom furniture, cabinet, closet door, drawer, cupboard, wardrobe, etc.

Here at Perfect Plywood & Hardware you can find types of magnetic catchers including Plastic magnetic catchers which are economical, handy and enduring. you can also shop for aluminium magnetic catchers, most used material for magnetic catches because of its lightweight and rust-resistant metal.


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