Miranda Hacksaw Steel Blade

A hacksaw basically has two parts: the frame with handle and the changeable blade, which are generally made from HSS, an extra tough assortment of high-speed steel used to make tools, cutting blades and drill. These blades are mounted onto hacksaw frames via pins and have accuracy, strength and resistance to warpage and breakage. Hacksaw blades are also used for cutting plastics such as PVC, PEX, or ABS on pipes and on sheet goods made of PVC, polystyrene etc. Our extensive range covers hacksaws from 150mm to 300mm from leading manufacturers including Taparia, Bosch, Miranda, Starrett, Lenox tools, Jugreat, Snap on, Hautmec etc.

Miranda HSS Hacksaw Blade

Miranda Hacksaw hand blades allow you to cut a number of materials more precisely and give you a neater finish. These blades are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to support multiple ranges of applications and infrastructure. The basis pitch of hacksaw blade teeth can be from 14 to 32 TPI (teeth per inch) for a hand blade, and nearly 3 TPI for a big power hacksaw blade. It’s the hardness of material according to which you have to decide which blade is to be used; at least a minimum of three teeth in the material is required.


  • Premium quality product
  • High steel construction
  • Full cross-section
  • Good finishing
  • Hard teeth
  • Hand operating
  • Non-Flexible
  • Long-lasting blade


Hacksaw Blade Uses

  • Cut soft metals
  • Use to shaping metal sheeting
  • Plumbing work
  • Woodworking
  • Cut wrought iron rod

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