Tower bolts for Doors & Windows

A tower bolt, also known as Door Latch, Chitakani, Kundi, or Stopper is a hardware tool that is placed on one side of a door or window at the top edge and used to close it from the inside area of a house or office.
It is considered to be a necessary fitting accessory for all commercial or housing premises. Tower bolts are generally manufactured with a quality stainless steel alloy, brass, and aluminum and are used in cabinets, closets, rooms, bathrooms doors, and windows. With easy open-close mechanisms, all our tower bolts are simple in function and high in efficiency. You can find these tower bolts in multiple sizes and colors of different brands including SS Tower Bolt, Royal, and Godrej at the most reasonable prices visible on market.

Tower bolts

Tower bolts are basically fitted on doors, windows, wardrobes, and cabinets to provide temporary locking without using any key and lock only from one side of the door which ultimately helps in confining any undesirable elements entering the building without permission. It also provides safety in bad weather conditions when the heavy wind blows that provokes turbulence in the atmosphere. You can simply use these latches to firmly close doors and windows in this situation. Our hardware accessories work efficiently in a rigid covering and are ideal equipment to keep the doors, gates closed and windows wrapped with its sophisticated design.

Additional Features

  • Excellent strength
  • Rust resistance
  • Durability
  • Matt Steel
  • Antique Finish

We at Perfect Plywood & Hardware have a versatile range of tower bolts to fulfill every decor need for varied groups of customers. These latches can be installed in both horizontal and vertical positions and are durable enough to break. Due to the easy installation process, it can be smoothly installed on any premises and doesn’t always need a professional for fitting. From the economic cost to their superior abrasion resistance properties, their tower bolts are designed to withstand all the extreme climatic conditions and fits in the budget of every individual person.


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